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Dog Walking:
Fully Experienced in group walks, dogs are picked up and taken for approximately 1 hour of exercise then dropped off and dried if necessary. Dogs are walked in open countryside in areas away from traffic and livestock.
I walk dogs at a leisurely pace and only walk as fast as the slowest dog. All will be off the lead unless specified by the owner. The faster dogs in the group will range and cover as much terrain as they wish. All will have sufficient exercise within their limits. A 2 year old lab will generally cover more ground than a 12 year old one!

Home Visits:
We provide a drop in service to look after pets while owners are away from home. This is generally for cats, but we can do other small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and even feeding fish too!
Just call or email for details.

I can provide a boarding service for well behaved dogs! Again please call for details and availability.

Please contact me for prices tailored to your requirements.